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Lists of nutrition, food science departments

Individual nutrition, food science departments in:
Australia and New Zealand

Other non-university tertiary institutions

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General lists of universities
Nutrition department lists: Worldwide
Lists of nutrition departments in North America
Lists of nutrition departments in other countries

Note: At present the most comprehensive list we are aware of is that the one you are on right now..see below.

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Worldwide lists of university departments (not just nutrition)

Christina DeMello's list of universities and colleges
This is not specific to nutrition departments, but is one of the largest lists of home pages for universities in general, with over 3,000 entries.

Worldwide lists of nutrition departments

Nutrition at University: The Arbor Nutrition Guide
The definitive list, if we may be so modest as to say so!!

Lists of nutrition departments in North America

The Arbor Guide lists about 170 university colleges and departments in the USA that offer degree courses in nutrition, food science and dietetics, This information is arranged: There is also a plain text (non-linked) listing.

Other lists of US nutrition departments

Sites that allow you to locate university and college departments related to nutrition are divided into:
  • General college locating sites
  • Nutrition-specific locating sites

General college locating sites


Peterson's Education Center -- Dietetics
Excellent resource!!! Can search under keyword `nutrition' or `dietetics'.
Good site listing university and college programs in the US. Can search by various ways, or look under the nutrition and food science list.

Nutrition-specific college locating sites


NALUSA list of College and University Nutrition Programs
Definitely one of the better ones, it has been kept up to date and includes both nutrition and dietetic departments, as well as some of the more Extension or hospitality oriented departments.
American Dietetic Association: Approved Programs in Dietetics
This list is important because it represents those accredited (by ADA's Commission on Accreditation/Approval for Dietetics Education). Listed by state, with mailing address, phone number and where available email of the contact person.

There is a list of Coordinated and Didactic programs in dietitics, dietetic internships and Dietetic Technician and advanced degree programs.

ASNS: Directory of Graduate Programs
American Society for Nutritional Sciences has produced a list of graduate nutrition programs with program description, contacts, faculty interests and email and web addresses.
Association of Departments and Programs of Nutrition list
This Association is "A national association of the chairs of nutrition departments and programs." They have around 50 departments involved and listed by states, are displayed on a clickable map of the US. Email addresses of contact person in each department are listed. All told a valuable resource!
Association of Graduate Programs in Public Health Nutrition
A listing of around 16 universities that teach this subject, along with contact details. For a list of schools of public health in general, see the University of Arizona list.
Blonz Guide: list of academic departments
Good list, not regionally divided but kept reasonably up to date. No link descriptions.
Chemindustry list of food Engineering programs
From a chemical industry web site, this is a search engine output with annotated links to a large number of institutions.
Food Infonet: list of university Food Science & Related Departments
Moderate list without annotation. There is also a longer list of general university web sites (i.e. not referring to nutrition departments)
Ege University list of food science universities
Moderate list without annotation.
GNA (Globewide Network Academy)
Quite a long list when you chose the nutrition categories, from this web site concerned with programs at university and colleges, particularly distance education and with plenty of the smaller colleges appearing.
IFT list of international food engineering programs
Moderate list without comments.
Kansas State University: list of US human nutrition departments
Good list, some coding into land-grant, 'Big 12 conference' universities etc.
University of Arkansas Food Science: links
Quite good list.
List of Extension universities
Quite a good list of the nutrition extension departments.
FNIC: Distance Learning dietetic and dietetic related courses
FNIC short list with hyperlinks to their web pages.

Lists of nutrition departments in other countries

Food science and technology in Europe
From the food data collecting project Foodnet, there are lists of institutions offering food studies in Europe and Continuing education courses in food science and technology.

Germany: Nutrition at universities
From Nutrinfo, a comprehensive list of German nutrition resources, includes links to university departments, research institutes and technical colleges (Hochschulen) in nutrition, food science and food agriculture.

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Australia and New Zealand

University ofAdelaide: Dpt. Community Medicine
Not a nutrition department as such, but since the Head of Department is a former Professor of Nutrition and the department has a strong public and environmental health focus, including nutrition, it probably the closest this university has to one.
Australian Centre for International & Tropical Health & Nutrition: Master of Community Nutrition
Course information, plus intend to soon have coursework notes and tutorials, plus list of past field work reports.
Curtin University, W.Austr: Dpt.Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
Part of the School of Public Health. Web site has departmental and course information.

Deakin University : School of Health Sciences
Includes the nutrition and food sciences teaching.
James Cook University: Dpt. Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Offer M.Sc. in public health nutrition but no information on their gopher-based web site at present (4/97)
Flinders University: Nutrition and Dietetics
Course, student, research information, as well as material on HELPP Child Weight Management Program.
Massey University (NZ): Dpt.Food, Nutrition and Human Health
Staff, course and departmental information.
Newcastle University, NSW: Discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics
The indicated link to this department is currently broken (4/2001). The pages used to have course and departmental information, including research interests.
University of NSW: Dpt. Food Science and Technology
Course, research and other departmental information, plus a collection of food science links.
University of Otago (NZ): Dpt.Human Nutrition
The main nutrition university department in NZ, which trains dietitians. The web site has departmental information and some links.
Queensland University: Food Science and Technology
Home page material.
University of Queensland: Faculty of Health Sciences Nutrition Prgoram
This department specialises in offering nutrition training in collaboration with Asian cooperative partners, such as in collaboration with Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their web site has departmental information, newsletter, information on their research interests, student pages, and very detailed description of courses.
Queensland University of Technology: Nutrition and Dietetics
Gives background and some administrative requirements of undergraduate degree leading to dietetic registration.
University of Sydney: Human Nutrition Unit
Housed within the Dpt.Biochemistry, the Human Nutrition Unit is the one within which dietetics students area trained, but there is only brief information on the course. The department also hosts the NSW Centre for Public Health Nutrition

University of Western Sydney : Centre for Advanced Food Research
This web site has many useful resources, such as food additive code breaker, Australian RDIs, dietary guidelines, visual representation of the healthy diet pyramid, and links to other food science sites.
Woolongong University: Nutrition and dietetics degrees
Simple course information. There is also a separate web location for information about their Smart Food Center

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List of universities and colleges in Japan
From Ministry of Education, this is not specific to universities with nutrition departments.
University of Tokyo: Dpt. Physiol. Chem. & Nutrition
We cannot presently locate the nutrition teaching department on this website.
Kagawa Nutrition University
Details of courses at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level, as well as faculty and various organisations attached to this institution.
Kyoto University (Medicine) Dpt.Metabolism & Clinical Nutrition
Home page in English and Japanese, has information on department, and their own diabetes mailing list.
Kumamoto University, Japan, Dpt. Nutrition Science
Information on teaching and staff is available in English.
Nakamura University: Department of Food & Nutrition
Cannot currently find the page for this department within the university web site.
National Institute of Nutrition
Information on research activities, newsletter, links, publications. Mostly in Japanese but there is some in English


Yeungnam University, Korea: Food and Nutrition Dpt.
Departmental information (in English).

Malaysia & Singapore

Universiti Pertanian Malaysia: Dpt. Nutrition and Community Health
Material on the academic courses,research programs, community and consultative services, and faculty. They have a B.Sc. in nutrition and community health.
University of Putra Malaysia: Faculty of Food Science and Technology
Beautiful visual design on the front page of this web site, but unfortunately the graphics are so large (>300k) that you might need a lot of patience to sit out the download. When it is done, you discover that the biotechnology department has material up, but not so far the food science one!
National University of Malaysia: Dpt.Community Medicine
Offers M.Sc. in nutrition.


University of the Philippines at Los Baños: College of Human Ecology
The full range of nutrition degree courses from B.Sc. to PhD outlined on this web page. There is also a Regional Training Programme on Food and Nutrition Planning.


National Chinese University of Taiwan: Dpt. Food Science
Simple plain text description of their undergraduate and post-graduate programs.
Taiwan: Department of Health: food sanitation and dietetics in Taiwan
Part of a general manual on how the department works with health in Taiwan.The chapter has material on dietetics, education and food regulation.


Chiangmai University: Dpt.Food Science
Brief information on course in English.
Thaliand: Khon Kaen University: Faculty of Public Health, M.Sc. Community Nutrition
In conjunction with University ofQld, brief course description.
Suranaree University of Technology: Dpt. Food Science
Short information on International Undergraduate Program which operates in conjunction with Canadian universities.


SEAMEO TROPMED: public health training courses
Lists public health nutrition training courses available through this network, mostly offered through the Indonesian division (see next entry).
Chinese University of Hong Kong: Dpt. Food & Nutritional Sciences Programme
Part of the Faculty of Sciences, their web site has information on the educational program, including detailed curriculm for some subjects, and on the faculty staff. There is also a very interesting report on a project they did on Growth Standards of Southern Chinese, which provides details on dietary recommendations within the Chinese food culture. "The curriculum is designed to provide specialized training in various aspects of the food and nutritional sciences including food product development and promotion, food processing, food technology, food industry economics, food service systems, dietetics and nutritional science, combined with an understanding of the sociological, psychological and economic factors that affect people's food habits. "
Indonesia: Regional Centre for Community Nutrition (SEAMEO TROPMED)
"multi-disciplinary, post-graduate unit of University of Indonesia under the jurisdiction of the Indonesian Government's Ministry of Education and Culture" Offer post-graduate degrees in nutrition and community nutrition.

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Acadia University: School of Nutrition Food Science
Minimal plain text information.
Alberta University: Dpt.Agric., Food and Nutritional Sci
Departmental information, newsletter.
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology: Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles Certificate
Course information.
British Columbia Institute of Technology Dpt Food Technology
Information on courses.
Guelph University, Canada: Dpt. Food Science
Quick food quiz, some links.
University Laval, Alerion: Dpt. Nutrition
Course details.
Manitoba Faculty Agriculture, Food Science
McGill University School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Macdonald Campus.Departmental and course information, as well as quite a few useful links.
Université de Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Description of Departmental staff, courses and research, plus small number of links.

Mount Saint Vincent University, Dietetics and Nutrition
One of the largest dietetic courses in Atlantic Canada.
Dalhousie University : Dpt. Food Science and Technology
Brief information
University ofQuebec: nutrition courses
Course rather than departmental information.
University of Saskatchewan: College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Home Page,
Very active in nutrition education within the community, and the College site has information on a number of interesting outreach initiatives, such as the "Organization for Nutrition Education" ,Dial Nutrition: Ask a Dietitian, Dietary Intake Analysis Service, and the Nutrition Resource and Volunteer Centre. The web page however contains mainly organisational information.
St. Francis Xavier University: Dpt. Human Nutrition
Departmental and course information.
University ofToronto: Faculty of Medicine, Dpt. Nutritional Sciences
Information on their staff and programs, including special interest programs in food safety, clinical nutrition diet and cancer and community nutrition.
Toronto: Ryerson Polytechnic
Information on a local Toronto food security and research network, as well as food security and food policy links.
University of Waterloo: Dpt.Food Services
Departmental information.

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Other countries

South America

Brazil: Universidade Estadual Paulista
Post-graduate nutrition and food science courses, but the web site does not presently (4/97) have any further details.
Brazil: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Departamento de Nutrição Centro de Ciências da Saúde
They call this web site Nutrição Online. It contains departmental web site with informatoin about faculty and also abstracts on micronutrients.
Chile: Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology
Colourful site with material for lay public, institutional information, course information and more. In Spanish.


Cape Technikon: School of Life Science
National diploma and B.Tech in food and nutrition are focussed on producing graduates to work in food industry. Web site has basic information on course content.
University of Natal Pietermaritzburg: Dietetics training (Faculty Agriculture)
Training to be a dietitian takes place within the Faculty of Agriculture as a B.Sc followed by a post-graduate diploma.
Technokon Pretoria: Dpt. Food and Nutrition
Course descriptions in brief.
University of Zimbabwe: Institute of Food, Nutrition and Family Sciences
Organisational information.

All other countries

Israel: Hebrew University: School of Public Health
Undertake nutrition research, including survey of food intake in Israel.
University of West Indies at Jamaica: Dpt.Food Chemistry
Minimal information only on the course.

Other non-university/alternative tertiary institutions

American Academy of Nutrition
Private training institution in the USA, this has mainly enrollment information, plus some lay material from the director, with a rather alternative approach.
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Information about courses, staff etc. Teaches nutrition "for complimentary health care practitioners", some of which will be offered over the Internet. A sample is available, together with music to go with it!!!
American Health Science University
Incorporating the National Institute of Nutritional Education, this is a private, distance education organisation offering courses in nutrition from a more alternative perspective.


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This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at university and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at university and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at university and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages.