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List of food tables, food composition organisations and journals
Searching USDA food tables
Other food tables and nutrient data
Other food composition issues

See also: Food additives, colourings

List of food tables, food composition organisations and journals

There are a several places to go for links to national food data web sites, some of which can be searched on-line. Two recommended sites are:

INFOODS International Food Composition Tables Directory
Listing of national food composition table efforts, with information on their availability. In some cases this is just in hard copy form, on others as an on-line resource.
Much shorter list of nationral food data bases, but a number offer on-line access, such as the Finnish, the South African , the Swedish, the Singaporean etc. In other cases you can download the data base yourself, although these files tend to be very large. For example, the American (USDA), and the Italian.
USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Entry point for learning about the Nutrient Data Laboratory, getting the news on its activities and searching the USDA food tables. See below
FNIC: list of food composition Internet pages

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
Table of contents and abstracts for 1995 to present, from the Academic Press service.
Australia: Food Composition publications
Plain text list from CSIRO of food composition publications in Australia and elsewhere.
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Searching USDA food tables

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Medaccess: front end to USDA food tables
Friendly front end to USDA data base, gives range of foods and then very wide range of data for 100gm.

NutriBase Interactive On-Line Nutritional Information Database
Based on USDA data base and focussing on macronutrients, allows some interesting search options, e.g. ranking by amount of individual nutrient, search for Boolean nutrient criteria as well as listing individual foods.

USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory: National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
A simple search engine from FNIC for accessing USDA nutrient data base. Look up items by names of foods. No RDI values given, but can choose between 100gm and various serving quantities (depending on which food you are looking at). You can also download the software and data base, but this is a very large file (over 28 Mbytes). You can have more direct access to the files of the latest version 15.

This is not the only nutrient data base on this site. It also has data bases on:
  • Flavonoids
  • Isoflavones
  • Carotenoids
  • Retention Factors
  • Vitamin K
  • Trans Fatty Acids
  • Sugar
  • Key Foods
  • Oxalic Acid Content of Selected Vegetables

as well as access to classic USDA Food Composition Publications.

Interactive Healthy Eating Index
A neat little package from the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion which assesses diet quality based on your input of what foods you eat.

`Fatfree' search engine
Simple but effective search engine for the USDA Nutrient Database. Enter single search term and the engine returns list of items for selection. These have nutrient values for 100 gram portions as well as two common serving sizes. As well as absolute values, gives nutrient content as % RDA (for adult males and females). The original site appear to be non-functional.

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Other food tables

See also: Calculators: actual food intake in nutrition software section
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Generates nutrition labels for large data base of nearly 7,000 foods, including many fast foods. Also food additive identifier.

Fast food content calculator: Cyberdiet
Returns information on food alternatives within specified types of food within the major fast food chains, within constraints that you enter regarding desired energy and macronutrient percentage content.
Canned foods nutrient content
Graphic display of nutrient content of a small number of canned foods. This is part of the Canned Foods Information Service site from Australia .
Fast Food nutrient content: interactive engine
Great! An interactive engine into which you enter food details, it responds with kcals, fat and salt content.
Fast Food Quest: Cyberdiet
Great idea. Allows you to compare types of food across specific fast food chains, and also specify which macronutrient parameters (energy, fat, salt content etc.) to set limits for or to sort the different fast food chain products by.
Food Databases @ Internets
Links to food and food composition data bases.
Fruit and Vegetable nutrition content
Nutritional content of a range of fruits and vegetables for a limited range of nutrients (macronutrients, vitamins A and C, calcium and iron, sodium and potassium). There is an interactive option that allows you to arrange the data in order of your own preference (e.g. by vitamin A content, by weight etc.
Insect Nutritional Table
Just what the title says, although there are less an a dozen insects whose nutrient content is shown, with some normal foods for comparison.
McDonald's food content information
Information on composition of MacDonalds products, including nutrients, allergens, food exchanges etc.
McDonald's food content
Comparative nutrient analysis table focused on macronutrients.
Nabisco Canada
There is a "nutrition section" but it turns out to be about the nutrient content of Nabisco products.
Nutrition Analysis Tool
On-line dietary nutrient analysis. A little awkward because of delays in web exchange, as food choices and quantities move to and fro.
You Are What You Eat: A Guide to Good Nutrition
This is something special. Put together by students from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (in Virginia, USA), an enormous amount of work, ingenuity and programming flare has gone into producing a site offering resources to encourage healthy eating.

The site offers a profusion of tools on nutrient content, dietary analysis, food label information.

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Other food composition issues

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"INFOODS is a comprehensive effort, under the United Nations University Food and Nutrition Programme and co-sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, to improve data on the nutrient composition of foods from all parts of the world."

The site features include:

  • Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
  • Tagnames for Food Components
  • Food Composition Tables/Databases Directory
  • Software Food Composition and Dietary Assessment
  • Electronic Mailing Lists and Other Network Information Sources
  • Food Composition Tables Directory
  • Food Composition Training Courses
  • Food Composition conferences

INFOODS International Food Composition Tables Directory
An international listing of food composition tables and their availability (some in hard copy form, some with links to on-line resources).
"LANGUAL is an international, descriptive language for foods, based on the principle of a faceted thesaurus, where each food indexed is described by a set of standard terms grouped in facets." The web site (hosted by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration) has background information, the food thesaurus, software for its management and links to related sites, including a list of links to other national food data bases, some of which are on-line.
Glycaemic index: Lehigh University
Plain text article from a diabetes resource housed at Lehigh University. The article has a table with GI values for lots of specific foods and referenced . Authors credentials not indicated, but the material seems pretty good.
The Glycemic Index: Rick Mendosa
Detailed statement of Mr.Mendosa's view on the usefulness of the GI in clinical nutrition (he is an advocate) with information on the index, some specific food values and links to other web sites, as well as articles he has put on-line. Interesting reading.

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This is a collection of nutrition links, such as food science, food science organisations, food composition, food tables, anay=lysing food tables, dietary and diet analysis, food law, food safety, food labels and food labelling, food toxins, HACCP, Codex. This is a collection of nutrition links, such as food science, food science organisations, food composition, food tables, anay=lysing food tables, dietary and diet analysis, food law, food safety, food labels and food labelling, food toxins, HACCP, Codex. This is a collection of nutrition links, such as food science, food science organisations, food composition, food tables, anay=lysing food tables, dietary and diet analysis, food law, food safety, food labels and food labelling, food toxins, HACCP, Codex.